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Humane Training for the Family Companion Dog
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Paw In Hand Dog Training is committed to humane training for the family companion dog. Reward-based training will help you develop a great relationship with your dog.

Classes are a fun, fast and effective way for you and your dog to learn new skills and to practice them in a distracting environment.  Classes are kept small so you will receive individual attention as well as opportunities to practice with the group. The classes meet at the Paw In Hand Dog Training Center for 1 hour a week for 6 weeks. The center is air-conditioned and fully matted. 

If your dog has issues with other dogs or people or has anxiety issues please contact me about private lessons or behavior problem solving.

Private Obedience Lessons:  We will meet at your home for a 45-minute lesson. You and your dog will learn basic skills such as sit, down, come, loose-leash walking, and tricks. I’ll break each exercise down into small steps so that you both will be successful. Weekly lessons are tailored to set realistic goals for you and your dog. We will concentrate on your needs and can address barking, jumping, or other problems.

Once you have mastered the basics you’ll learn, with my help, how to apply them to daily life with your dog. You and your dog can progress to more advanced exercises such as heeling and stay. We’ll go on field trips to socialize your dog and work with distractions.

Behavior Problem Solving:  During a 90-minute initial consultation, I’ll assess your dog’s problems and develop a behavior modification plan. The plan will include humane methods of counter-conditioning and desensitization. During weekly sessions, I will help you through the steps of the behavior plan as we address the components of your dog’s behavior.

I work with dogs with aggression issues toward people and/or dogs, resource guarding, fearfulness, and separation anxiety.

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New Dog and Puppy Selection and Counseling:  I’ll help you get off to the right start by advising you on the selection of the best dog for your family. I can help you prevent behavior problems by training and managing your new friend.

Lectures:  I am available for group lectures on topics such as Preventing Puppy Problems, Surviving Canine Adolescence, and Babies, Kids and Dogs.

Contact Barbara for pricing information.